Can I purchase your comics from my pc?

– Yes, our comics are made for almost all platforms.

What forms of payments do you accept for your comics?

– There are many options for you to choose from, each website will give you different options.

Will I be able to download your ebook to my device?

– Yes, it all depends from which site you download and your device compatibility.

Is it possible for me to contact the creator of these comics?

-Yes, just contact him in private on Telegram on this LINK.

Can I really make flight or hotel booking on your website?

-Yes, just follow the links on the website.

Is your comics content in colour?

-Yes, see for yourself in our book previews link.

Can I purchase your comics from anywhere in the world?

-Yes, well almost. It depends from which website you buy from.

Can I purchase your comic books in PRINT?

-Yes you can get the print comics from the Amazon website.

Do you have social media pages?

-Yes we do.  Comics Social links, just click these external links Facebook Twitter Instagram






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